Les festivals en France

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After listening to a podcast called mfltwitterati, I chose to engage my Y11 students with a cultural task beginning with having to break a code (loosely based on an escape room type of activity), from cryptic clues in an odd little text I wrote. Following this they needed to look deeper into the festivals themselves. This group of students is strong and I allowed them to use their laptops for exercise 1. Exercise 3 links with a new dimension in our senior year\'s curriculum (viewing), and activity 4 is asking students to express themselves orally. As I said, this is an activity for relatively advanced students - my students are around B1, and, with the use of their laptops, did not have much problem completing the tasks. I am refering to flipgrid in the activity, a platform on which students record short videos (1-5) minutes as a response to a variety of questions and prompts I have chosen in advance.

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