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Nous sommes une petite équipe, et nous aimerions vous aider à enseigner mieux. Déplacez le curseur au-dessus de nos photos pour voir qui nous sommes.

Mon nom est Istvan Jaromi, et je suis un développeur de backend. Je code de nouvelles fonctionnalités et corrige les bugs.

Je suis Szelina Szigeti, et je suis un développeur de frontend pour iSLCollective. Cela signifie que je travaille sur la façon dont les choses regardent sur le site.

Je suis Benedek Princz, co-fondateur de iSLCollective et Chief Technical Officer (CTO) qui gère notre équipe de développeurs.

Je suis Peter Laszlo, co-fondateur d'iSLCollective et responsable du développement de produits. Je suis en charge de venir avec de nouvelles idées de fonctionnalités et de concevoir et superviser leur production, comme nos nouvelles leçons vidéo.

Je suis Adam Laszlo, également co-fondateur d'iSLCollective. Je suis le directeur financier et mon principal travail est de gérer nos questions juridiques, financières et humaines.

Mon nom est Zsuzsa Kiss. Je suis votre assistant d'assistance. Si vous avez des questions ou des problèmes, vous pouvez me joindre à info [at] islcollective [dot] com, et je serai heureux de vous aider.

Je suis Szabolcs Simonyi, développeur de backend. Tout comme Istvan, je code de nouvelles fonctionnalités et de faire des corrections de bugs.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message



Peter Laszlo

Actually, the most difficult project of my life. Two years of hard work so far! Season after season it seemed like we were just months from the launch, yet again and again we bumped into unexpected problems - technical and other -, which kept setting us back and tested our patience and budget big time. But at last we're doing - big sigh! - the final testing of our upcoming new site and preparing for public launch (see sneak peeks below).

Due to the long delays, however, our finances suffered awfully. More than ever we depend on your generous support of our mission: to offer a treasure trove of free language teaching resources for all situations: paper worksheets in class, online worksheets for remote work and interactive video quizzes. This fundraiser is super important: we need to shore up our finances urgently! 

If the price of a coffee is not too much for you, we'd be grateful if you would show us that you think our work is worthy. In return, we promise you will soon see - instead of a patched up, cranky old site - a modern and beautiful one that is going to serve you guys for the next decade.

Bless up,

Peter Laszlo, co-founder



If you cannot afford the price of a coffee right now, don't feel bad. You can also be part of this amazing global collective by contributing a worksheet you made or creating a video quiz!

  • msilvosa msilvosa
    "I think the activities uploaded to iSLCollective are wonderful. They're so diverse, so many of them, so good... I decided to become a Sponsor because I consider this website really useful. Since I haven't got either the time or the creativity to prepare such great activities, I wanted to contribute somehow to keep this page going. I encourage everybody to follow my example."
  • mochsenfeld mochsenfeld
    "iSL is a wonderful teaching resource. I used the website regularly while I was teaching German at a comprehensive school in England. (I have now retired from teaching.) The materials can be edited and adapted to suit your students' needs and were always welcome by my learners. I thoroughly recommend iSL to every language teacher, your donations are a small price for the wealth of resources on offer."
  • santonin santonin
    "I think it is only fair that hard work and dedication should be rewarded. I have been happy to post worksheets (a few) and to download other teachers' productions (loads) for the last 3 years. By becoming a modest sponsor I wished to support this collective commitment."
  • guyal57 guyal57
    "J'ai choisi de soutenir ce site parce qu'il est une ressource d'idées formidable et un réservoir de documents inépuisable. Merci."
  • "I chose to become a sponsor as I had been given a lot of inspiration to improve my teaching methods and I wanted iSLCollective to go on operating. This is the most useful website I have found until now. I think I must contribute to the maintenance costs as the ideas shared by all of you are worth more than many of the expensive books I have bought."
  • "Es stehen da schnell und kostenlos viele tolle Materialien für den Unterricht zur Verfügung. Man findet da sowohl die Aktivitäten für ein paar Minuten als auch etwas "Gründliches" für Fortgeschrittene, ohne selbst immer neue Bücher zu kaufen oder immer zu "basteln". Aber alles kostet was. Wenn es geht, sollte man jährlich ein paar Euro spenden."
  • "Some months ago I taught a Thai woman to learn German.in addition to our work-book , I always was in need of additional work sheets for various subjects . so islcollective was a great help . the homepage is very well structured and I could find the wanted sheets mostly in a rather short time. Therefore I thought it would be fair, to give a smalll contribution . kind regards b"
  • "ISLCollective has been an asset in getting teaching materials for my private school here in Mexico. Consider iSLCollective and give them an opportunity to keep up the good work. Benoit Simard"
  • "I think it's important to support and thank iSLCollective and all the teachers who share their works. I can find nice, fun, creative and really interesting worksheets for my students. It is a time-saving website. I'm ready to supprt again. Giving money is an easy way. Thanks again! PK"
  • "A good community only works if everyone puts in a little share. Hey, this is actually an awesome project! On the one hand, it's just incredible to find so many useful ressources in one spot, and be able to get them. For free. On the other hand, we kind of get used to this, right? Isn't everything in the web for free, sort of? Wikipedia, facebook, youTube, tons of news sites and other sites? No, it isn't. We just tend to forget that. All these sites put in a tremendous amount of work. Some have found other ways to get money, by monetizing your data for example. Or by having people pay to have their content featured. So, it's advertising, just hidden. Others just have a huge network of people willing to work. For free. And so, because nobody is watching us, we start thinking that it is okay to just download and use that work other people have done. For free. But it isn't. Giving back should be a normal thing. And giving back can have multiple forms. You could ask yourself: i have used this platform. It has helped me. How can i help back? Sometimes, this might mean uploading a paper you have created. Sometimes, it might be dropping a line just to say thank you. Sometimes, it is to just donate what you can afford or think is fair. Because, evidently, all this costs money. There is no such thing as free content. Somebody always pays for it. And it is good to contribute to keep it alive and interest-free. Because otherwise, it will disappear. Or be paid for by people who have something to sell. So, yes, do donate. Because it means being a good person. "

The new website has the same uploading and downloading system, but with a sleak new design and some new functions (PDF download, new search functions, e.g. author search). Importantly, the worksheets have been re-categorized and combed through for quality, which we hope will make it easier to find what you need. 


New front page: All three resources types (worksheets, powerpoints, video quizzes) featured

Search results page: You can easily clear any filter individually or all filters

Search filter panel: new categorization (Language goals, pedagogical goals) and ew options (e.g., author search)

New worksheet page

Upload page: You start by selecting a file, then you get to the tagging form


FAQ et aide

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Dans les deux cas, votre paiement sera fait dans votre devise mais notre banque fera l'échange. Les devises indiquées sur notre « Faire un don » page, sont là pour faciliter les choses à savoir combien vous voulez donner.

Si vous avez des questions contactez, s’il vous plaît, info [arobase] islcollective [point ] com

I Choisissez votre type de donation.

1. Prélèvement mensuel
Opter pour un montant mensuelle signifie que vous nous envoyez une petite donation chaque mois et avec votre autorisation cette somme sera débité automatiquement par iSLCollective le même jour que votre première donation, jusqu'à bien sûr, vous arrêtez vos paiements. Les paiements récurrents fonctionnent avec PayPal ou carte de débit. Dans le cas où on a fait suivre votre premier paiement le 29, 30, ou 31 du mois, le paiement suivant se reproduira le dernier jour du mois pendant des mois les plus courts, aussi près de la date du premier paiement que possible. Votre compte sera surclassé à "membre de soutien" immédiatement après l’acceptation du paiement.

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